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Body & Life Therapy

Welcome to Body & Life Therapy 

Polarity Therapy Holistic Energetic Bodywork in Tramore, Waterford.

Do you wish to feel better in your Body and Mind?

My name is Shane and I offer Polarity Bodywork Therapy in Tramore, Waterford.

I use Polarity Therapy, which is an energetic bodywork practice, insightful dialogue & other Holistic Therapy methods to help bring healing, understanding & change.

I work with people with a wide variety of challenges such as emotional and mental challenges, physical pain, illness recovery, burnout, stress. I also work with people that wish just to feel more balanced, energised & connected in their lives.

energy healing

I invite you to read through the following pages and feel free to give me a call or drop me a line with any questions or thoughts you may have. 

Wishing you well , 

Polarity & Body Therapy Waterford
shane guiry Polarity & holistic therapy

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