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What is Talk Therapy ?

Body & Life Therapy talk therapy counselling

Talk therapy is just another term given to counselling. This part of the therapy is where I get to know you. And where you get to discover on a deeper level how you think, feel and respond to life. A lot of the time our difficulties in life will lie in deeper beliefs, ideas & past experiences that we may or may not be aware of in every day life. The Talk therapy I offer is a space where we can begin to understand and unravel this for you. Where you can openly talk about what ever is going on for you.

Nothing is off limits as all feelings, thoughts and ideas are nothing but another key to your own freedom. I use both Talk Therapy & Body work in all sessions. Depending on your needs I may use one more than the other.

If you'd like to know a bit more about this you can always get in touch here.

Wishing you well,

Body & Life Therapy talk therapy counselling


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