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Polarity Therapy
Holistic Energy Based Bodywork Therapy

Polarity therapy is a natural and holistic form of therapy based on a variety of healing methods with energetic bodywork at its core. 

It is a hands on therapy using different forms of touch on the body while the individual lies on a massage bed. It is done through clothing. Areas of pain or high sensitivity can be easily avoided with out having any affect on the treatment.

There is also an element of insightful dialogue (talk therapy) when needed in the sense of becoming aware of emotions, hindering thinking patterns, unhelpful beliefs and similar mental and emotional challenges.

The aim of the therapy is to develop and maintain the free flow of energy which results in healing from within. Enabling the healing from life's challenges but also promoting relaxation, inner strength and vitality. After a period of time an individual may fell more resilient, capable, clear and at ease with themselves. It promotes balance on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It can be used specifically to deal with a certain issue but is also promoted as an on going support of good health and wellbeing.


First session are usually between 60 and 90 minutes, all follow up sessions would be 60 minutes. All sessions cost 60 Euro.

polarity and holistic Therapy waterford

Health is the natural expression of body, mind and spirit when it is in harmony with life. 


Dr. Randolph Stone

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