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My Story

My name is Shane Guiry. I am based in Waterford. 

Throughout my own life I have leaned on the support of a variety of therapies, including counselling, psychologists, yoga & meditation, along with a number of energy healing & holistic therapies. This is how I came across Polarity Therapy, which is the basis of the therapy I offer. 

At the time it helped me understand a lot and bring about change. Real and lasting change, which had mostly eluded me prior to that.

In doing that it also spurred the sense within me to want to offer that to some one else. 

No matter whether it is a stiff shoulder or the near complete destruction of life, we are all looking for some thing similar to begin with.

And that is to take that one step to feeling a bit more at ease. To understanding a little more. To have hope that it can be different. To know it can be better. To be that bit more free to experience joy and live the life we wish to.


I am qualified as a PTP ( Polarity Therapy Professional ) and registered with the International Polarity Educational Alliance.  

Polarity & Holistic Therapy waterford
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