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Physical Pain and Body Therapy

I work with all forms of physical pain and body problems including injury & illness recovery, pain management, mobility problems, sciatica and back pain, digestive issues, headaches & migraines to name a few.

What each session will involve

​Each session is approximately 1 hour. We will have an introduction where we look into the reason you have came. From that then the majority of the session will be the bodywork. Depending on the reason you have came the amount of sessions required to create healing will vary. Long term back issues will generally take longer to create healing in than say recent minor shoulder pain. After we meet I will be able to give you an indication as to how many sessions may be required. 

Physical Pain and body holistic therapy


This is where I will work directly with your body. I work with my hands while you lie on a plinth ( massage table ). The treatment is performed through clothing. The modes of touch vary using predominately fingers and palms. I use gentle manipulation and stimulation of the body structure and its alignment and energy flow. If there is a lot of pain in one particular area I can still work on this by using corresponding areas in the body. So as not to increase pain in that area.

Time and Cost

All sessions are approximately 60 minutes and cost 60 Euro.

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