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Energy Work

Along side on going therapy I also offer one off energy work sessions. This may be for you if you feel you would like to experience more balance in life. A deeper sense of grounding. Some rejuvenation. Maybe you are just at the end of a stressful period and need some respite. Looking to add energy work to your on going self care and wellbeing or maybe you are just looking to have a first time experience with energy work. 

What types of energy work do you do

Why you have came and what you have been through recently will determine what I work on but below are a few of the general energy work patterns I use

  • Energy Balance & Flow

  • Core Element Balancing

  • Core Energy Regeneration

  • Chakra Balance 

  • Energy Body Integration

Holistic energy therapy

What each session will involve

​Each session is approximately 1 hour. Outside of a short introduction the vast majority of the session will be you lying down relaxing as I work on your physical and energetic body.


This is where I will work directly with your body. I work with my hands while you lie on a massage table. The majority of my practice is hands on but at times I work with hands off the body. The treatment is performed through clothing. The modes of touch vary using predominately fingers and palms. Any parts of the body that are sensitive or in pain can be easily avoided.

Time and Cost

All sessions are approximately 60 minutes and cost 60 Euro.

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