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The Body, Emotions & the role of Bodywork Therapy

Emotions and Bodywork - Body & Life Therapy

Have you ever noticed how your body reacts to emotions?

Excitement can come with the feeling of butterfly's in the stomach. Anxiety may cause shallow breathing. Depression can create a sense of heaviness and difficulty in moving. Anger may cause someone to feel the need to physically lash out. And who hasn't felt tension of varying degrees in the body when it comes to stress.

So we can see the body itself has a remarkable ability to convey & express emotions. The above examples are brief emotional moments but we can imagine how it may affect our bodies to be stuck in states of anger or sadness for long periods of time. It also has the ability to store emotions which has affects on our physical health and even posture. We all know what a confident posture looks like opposed to the posture of some one who may be living in a state of anxiety.

Emotions are basically energy in motion affecting both the mind and body which are intricately connected. Depending on our level of body awareness and sensitivities we will each notice the affect our emotions have on our bodies to varying degrees but whether we notice it or not it is still happening. Some emotions come and go through the body leaving little residue while some, possibly resulting from fixed beliefs about oneself or traumatic experiences, can become stuck in the body potentially becoming problematic.

When it comes to therapy, recognising the connection between emotions and the body is a crucial step towards being able to bring about change, especially on a deep level. The therapy I offer (Polarity Therapy) does precisely this. The bodywork aspect engages with the body helping calm, release and move stuck or old emotions whether we are aware they are there or not. Also releasing feelings of stress in the nervous system or feelings of pain in the body. Within the talk therapy aspect we look at bringing more awareness and deeper insight to your sense of feeling within the body and the conditioning around that. We don't have to fully understand why we feel a certain way we just need to allow ourselves to feel it within the body. Taking not only the mind but also the body into deep account and engaging with it creates a greater ability to change and let go of what you wish to.

So when looking to engage with therapy the understanding that emotions are not solely confined to our minds; that they have a profound impact on our bodies as well, can help us choose a therapy route that is best for us.

If you would like to know more about the therapy I offer feel free to contact me.

Wishing you well,

Emotions and Bodywork - Body & Life Therapy


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