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When the Past is Still with Us & The Freedom from Letting it Dissolve

Life is like a journey, and we want it to be filled with good experiences. Sometimes, though, the past can stick around and affect how we feel now and in the future.


In the past, everyone goes through some bad experiences. The intensity of these experiences varies from person to person. Some of them might be from childhood, while others are more recent. Some can be really tough and carry emotions we haven't figured out. These experiences shape who we are and can give us positive qualities, but sometimes they can work against us. They might make us feel anxious or scared for no clear reason. We might have anger from the past that doesn't match our current situation. Sometimes, we might just feel more vulnerable and younger than we are. It can be tough to figure out why we feel this way because these experiences have sunk into our subconscious, making it hard for us to understand and resolve them in our everyday lives. The subconscious doesn't play favourites – it holds onto both positive and negative things, based on what it thinks is important.


On the flip side of this is the experience of a life that is unhindered by the replaying of our past trauma or unresolved emotional experiences. We feel more understanding of ourselves and our emotional experience. We develop what can only be called emotional freedom, where we don't have to be anxious and fearful for unknown reasons. where we don't have to have unwarranted angry moments that feel out of our control. How we feel becomes more current and relevant to our present experience. We can see life with much more clarity once the clouds of the past are dissolved. Our achievements and goals can seem much more attainable as we are not tied by the failures or negative thinking of our past. We feel more energetic as our energy is no longer tied up in holding onto and trying to resolve the past.

Getting There:

Getting to this point is different for everyone, and not everyone faces this challenge. But if you're dealing with emotional difficulties or negative patterns, it's worth considering that they might be echoes from the past.

  • Mindfulness practices, like yoga, Tai Chi or meditation, can help us stay in the present and let go of the past.

  • Talking to a counsellor can also help us understand and release these past experiences.

  • Energetic body work practices can untangle the energy and emotions tied to these experiences.

  • There are many books that explore being present and living in the now that can be useful.

Ultimately, it's not about doing more; it's about accepting and letting go of the past, including the emotions and beliefs tied to it.

Your past doesn't have to control your present or future. You can let go of what was, but it starts with accepting and releasing. Then, we can begin to feel more free and at ease in our lives.

If you want to learn more about the therapy I offer, feel free to get in touch.

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