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The Importance of Expressing the Suppressed

Body and Life Holistic Therapy

In life the general expectation is we love our partners and family. We like and accept our children. We respect our boss and co-workers and we want to be happy and succeed in life. But what happens when that is not entirely the case?

I'll start this by saying it is not unusual to feel such things as dislike and frustration for our partners and family. To feel unaccepting of our children. To feel the bubbling need to tell a boss or co worker exactly where to go or to be disinterested and apathetic of life. To feel in any way like this is of no reflection of who we are, they are just feelings. Where it becomes important is what we do with these feelings and thoughts.

The expression and exploration of these aspects of ourselves can be difficult in our everyday lives and in some cases it is not always the right thing to do within our relationships. That can then potentially lead to suppression of emotion and thoughts which can have further consequences including ill health, dis ease in life and highly reactive emotions, to name a few. Biting our tongue, so to speak, at the time may have been the wisest decision but as a long term strategy it can have some serious consequences.

So it is important for us to make the conscious decision to take time to acknowledge and express these emotions in a healthy manner. For some people that is talking to a good friend regularly, for some journaling works and for others a good therapist / counsellor is the answer.

Having a place where we can express and feel anything and every thing we need to, without fear of judgment or rejection, is important and hugely benefits our wellbeing. It liberates us from the weight of unexpressed emotions and thoughts, leading to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the ability to be at ease with ourselves and others once again.

If we don't have these outlets in our lives currently we can begin by encouraging ourselves to take the first step. Buy that journal, call that good friend, find a suitable therapy. Life is to be lived freely not to be weighed down by suppression. Discover your safe place to express all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Wishing you well,

Body and Life Holistic Therapy


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