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A Short Word on Anxiety

Body & Life Therapy holistic therapy for anxiety

It is very normal to feel some level of anxiety at times through out life. But it can become a problem when the anxiety, or the avoidance of the anxiety, starts having influence over what we do or take part in. Anxiety itself can be hard to pin point exactly what it feels like & where it even begins. It can be slightly elusive & and at times difficult to understand. It can come & go without us fully understanding why.

For some anxiety is worry based and may carry a feeling of heightened self consciousness. Over thinking & fear are common companions of anxiety. For some it expresses itself as a compulsive disorder. Others it may show it self as a twitch or body expression of some kind.

It can be a very different experience from person to person.

Anxiety can leave us feeling unsure of ourselves at times as we deal with a conflicting inner experience of emotions and thoughts. It can lead us to avoiding life, opportunities, people & experiences at times. Which a lot of the time can be the antidote to anxiety.

But no matter how intense or unescapable you find your anxiety there is a way to resolve it and over time bring more stability, sureness and a sense of capability to your experience. Change and release from anxiety is always a possibility.

If you find anxiety is a challenge for you give yourself the opportunity to find a therapist that suits you & can help you make that change.

Wishing you well,

Body & Life Therapy holistic therapy for anxiety


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