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Does Holistic Bodywork Therapy help relieve physical pain ?

Body & Life Therapy holistic therapy for physical pain


The bodywork I do works very well on all manners of physical pain issues.

The following are a few examples I have worked with :

Back & neck pain Joint problems e.g. Knees & shoulders Recovery from injury Sciatica Mobility issues due to age general mobility issues eg. stiff neck, frozen shoulder

a lot of the time the main area of pain is only the presenting problem and will be linked with another area or areas of the body.

for example: Sciatica is generally due to lower back compression & sometimes hip tightness. Shoulder pain can the be result of misaligned hips caused by tight leg muscles.

For that reason I work with your entire body. Also taking into account your life style and daily movements.

This helps to bring about some real and lasting change.

Take care,

Body & Life Therapy holistic therapy for physical pain


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