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  • When the Past is Still with Us & The Freedom from Letting it Dissolve

    Life is like a journey, and we want it to be filled with good experiences. Sometimes, though, the past can stick around and affect how we feel now and in the future. Past: In the past, everyone goes through some bad experiences. The intensity of these experiences varies from person to person. Some of them might be from childhood, while others are more recent. Some can be really tough and carry emotions we haven't figured out. These experiences shape who we are and can give us positive qualities, but sometimes they can work against us. They might make us feel anxious or scared for no clear reason. We might have anger from the past that doesn't match our current situation. Sometimes, we might just feel more vulnerable and younger than we are. It can be tough to figure out why we feel this way because these experiences have sunk into our subconscious, making it hard for us to understand and resolve them in our everyday lives. The subconscious doesn't play favourites – it holds onto both positive and negative things, based on what it thinks is important. Freedom: On the flip side of this is the experience of a life that is unhindered by the replaying of our past trauma or unresolved emotional experiences. We feel more understanding of ourselves and our emotional experience. We develop what can only be called emotional freedom, where we don't have to be anxious and fearful for unknown reasons. where we don't have to have unwarranted angry moments that feel out of our control. How we feel becomes more current and relevant to our present experience. We can see life with much more clarity once the clouds of the past are dissolved. Our achievements and goals can seem much more attainable as we are not tied by the failures or negative thinking of our past. We feel more energetic as our energy is no longer tied up in holding onto and trying to resolve the past. Getting There: Getting to this point is different for everyone, and not everyone faces this challenge. But if you're dealing with emotional difficulties or negative patterns, it's worth considering that they might be echoes from the past. Mindfulness practices, like yoga, Tai Chi or meditation, can help us stay in the present and let go of the past. Talking to a counsellor can also help us understand and release these past experiences. Energetic body work practices can untangle the energy and emotions tied to these experiences. There are many books that explore being present and living in the now that can be useful. Ultimately, it's not about doing more; it's about accepting and letting go of the past, including the emotions and beliefs tied to it. Your past doesn't have to control your present or future. You can let go of what was, but it starts with accepting and releasing. Then, we can begin to feel more free and at ease in our lives. If you want to learn more about the therapy I offer, feel free to get in touch. Warm regards,

  • The Body, Emotions & the role of Bodywork Therapy

    Have you ever noticed how your body reacts to emotions? Excitement can come with the feeling of butterfly's in the stomach. Anxiety may cause shallow breathing. Depression can create a sense of heaviness and difficulty in moving. Anger may cause someone to feel the need to physically lash out. And who hasn't felt tension of varying degrees in the body when it comes to stress. So we can see the body itself has a remarkable ability to convey & express emotions. The above examples are brief emotional moments but we can imagine how it may affect our bodies to be stuck in states of anger or sadness for long periods of time. It also has the ability to store emotions which has affects on our physical health and even posture. We all know what a confident posture looks like opposed to the posture of some one who may be living in a state of anxiety. Emotions are basically energy in motion affecting both the mind and body which are intricately connected. Depending on our level of body awareness and sensitivities we will each notice the affect our emotions have on our bodies to varying degrees but whether we notice it or not it is still happening. Some emotions come and go through the body leaving little residue while some, possibly resulting from fixed beliefs about oneself or traumatic experiences, can become stuck in the body potentially becoming problematic. When it comes to therapy, recognising the connection between emotions and the body is a crucial step towards being able to bring about change, especially on a deep level. The therapy I offer (Polarity Therapy) does precisely this. The bodywork aspect engages with the body helping calm, release and move stuck or old emotions whether we are aware they are there or not. Also releasing feelings of stress in the nervous system or feelings of pain in the body. Within the talk therapy aspect we look at bringing more awareness and deeper insight to your sense of feeling within the body and the conditioning around that. We don't have to fully understand why we feel a certain way we just need to allow ourselves to feel it within the body. Taking not only the mind but also the body into deep account and engaging with it creates a greater ability to change and let go of what you wish to. So when looking to engage with therapy the understanding that emotions are not solely confined to our minds; that they have a profound impact on our bodies as well, can help us choose a therapy route that is best for us. If you would like to know more about the therapy I offer feel free to contact me. Wishing you well,

  • The Importance of Expressing the Suppressed

    In life the general expectation is we love our partners and family. We like and accept our children. We respect our boss and co-workers and we want to be happy and succeed in life. But what happens when that is not entirely the case? I'll start this by saying it is not unusual to feel such things as dislike and frustration for our partners and family. To feel unaccepting of our children. To feel the bubbling need to tell a boss or co worker exactly where to go or to be disinterested and apathetic of life. To feel in any way like this is of no reflection of who we are, they are just feelings. Where it becomes important is what we do with these feelings and thoughts. The expression and exploration of these aspects of ourselves can be difficult in our everyday lives and in some cases it is not always the right thing to do within our relationships. That can then potentially lead to suppression of emotion and thoughts which can have further consequences including ill health, dis ease in life and highly reactive emotions, to name a few. Biting our tongue, so to speak, at the time may have been the wisest decision but as a long term strategy it can have some serious consequences. So it is important for us to make the conscious decision to take time to acknowledge and express these emotions in a healthy manner. For some people that is talking to a good friend regularly, for some journaling works and for others a good therapist / counsellor is the answer. Having a place where we can express and feel anything and every thing we need to, without fear of judgment or rejection, is important and hugely benefits our wellbeing. It liberates us from the weight of unexpressed emotions and thoughts, leading to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the ability to be at ease with ourselves and others once again. If we don't have these outlets in our lives currently we can begin by encouraging ourselves to take the first step. Buy that journal, call that good friend, find a suitable therapy. Life is to be lived freely not to be weighed down by suppression. Discover your safe place to express all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Wishing you well,

  • Empowerment and Letting Go of the Stigma around asking for Help

    Empowerment and asking for help may seem like two opposites, but they are actually closely connected. Empowerment means taking control of your life, making decisions that align with your values, and taking responsibility for ourselves. Asking for help, on the other hand, means recognising your limitations and seeking support when you need it. Together, these two concepts can help us to overcome our challenges and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Many of us struggle with asking for help because we associate it with weakness or vulnerability. We may feel like we should be able to handle everything on our own, or that asking for help means admitting failure. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Asking for help is a sign of strength, as it requires courage to be vulnerable and open to receiving support. It also shows to ourselves that we are willing to take action to improve our situation, which is a key aspect of empowerment. Our mind begins to see and believe that we can change our situation. If you are struggling with asking for help, it can be helpful to remember that everyone needs support from time to time. None of us are meant to be able to do this alone. Whether you are dealing with a personal challenge, a difficult work-related issue, or a health concern, there is no shame in asking for help. In fact, asking for creates the absolute opposite. Empowerment and confidence in ones own ability. Asking for help will usually involve acknowledging your limitations, which can be difficult but is an important aspect of self-awareness. Once you understand your needs, reach out to others who can offer support, whether that be a friend, family member, or professional. Remember that asking for help is a sign of strength, and that it is a key part of becoming who you want to be and living a fulfilling life. So allow yourself to let go of the stigma around asking for help. Empowerment and asking for help are two sides of the same coin. By recognising how asking for help is connected to empowerment, we can take control of our lives, reach out for the support we need and deserve. and move forward one step at a time to living a life of fulfilment and what you want it to be. Wishing you all the best,

  • Stress and how Holistic Bodywork Therapy helps

    Stress is a common experience that affects both our mind and body. While it is a normal part of life, it can become overwhelming when it persists and becomes unmanageable. Stress results in our nervous system being heightened , leading to feelings of irritability, frustration, worry and anxiety. However, when we are able to manage it, we can effectively let go of these feelings and continue with our daily tasks. Unmanageable stress, on the other hand, can become constant, leading to intense feelings of overwhelm, inability to enjoy life, racing thoughts, and even depression. Living with constant stress makes it near impossible to truly relax. Instead of proper relaxation a lot of the time the best we can hope for is a less stressed experience. Through holistic bodywork therapy I can directly interact with your nervous system, helping to release the built-up energy and move your body and mind into relaxation. I can also work with specific parts of your body that have been affected by stress, encouraging your body release and move towards a more relaxed state. By making relaxation more accessible to your body, you can begin to experience relief from stress and its negative effects. With that life can become easier. In addition to bodywork techniques, We would also work with your thoughts and emotions related to stress. By bringing insight to these areas, you can begin to make changes to live a more relaxed and stress-free life, regardless of your circumstances. If you'd like to know a little more about what I do you can always drop me a line. Wishing you a relaxed day!

  • What is Holistic Therapy ?

    Strictly speaking, the term Holistic therapy means to focus on all aspects of the individual within the therapy process whereas conventional medicine usually focuses on the problem only. A very simple example would be the following: anti antacids are prescribed for indigestion or heartburn in conventional medicine. If the medication was not successful the follow-up may be to prescribe a stronger medication. Whereas if someone was working holistically they would immediately develop on this and ask the question why is indigestion accruing? maybe it's diet? allergies? maybe it's accruing due to stress or anxiety? It could be linked to their environment? Is there a physical or energetic element to it? The answers to these questions would then lead to a deeper understanding of the problem and thus the ability to help a person change it for good, not just keep battling on with the difficulty of regular indigestion. What we mean by 'all aspects of the individual' in holistic therapy is we take body, mind, relationship (environment) & spiritual aspects into account. Working in this way helps to promote overall well-being and deeper lasting change. Holistic Therapy also falls into the 'Preventative Medicine' category. Meaning you do not have to wait until you are unwell or sick to make an appointment. The intention would be to have a session now and then to keep you balanced. Somewhat like a service for the car! A lot of therapies can fall under the umbrella of holistic therapy, some examples would be: Traditional Chinese medicine ( which acupuncture is a part of ) Ayurveda ( which yoga is a part of ) Polarity Therapy Reiki Reflexology Massage Energy Healing Therapies Bach Therapy Talk Therapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling Ultimately the degree of how 'holistic' a therapy is will be dependent on the practitioner, their own experience, and expertise. The trick is to have an open mind and take some time for yourself to find a therapy and therapist that makes sense to you. If there was a goal for society it would be that both conventional medicine and the holistic approach would be used hand in hand on an everyday basis within our healthcare sector. But in the meantime as individuals, we can always go and discover for ourselves how a regular holistic therapy session, whether it is massage, bodywork, talk therapy, or any other of the wide options available, can influence our well-being and help promote more joy, balance, and vitality within our lives. Now who doesn't want more of that? As always, wishing you well,

  • A Short Word on Anxiety

    It is very normal to feel some level of anxiety at times through out life. But it can become a problem when the anxiety, or the avoidance of the anxiety, starts having influence over what we do or take part in. Anxiety itself can be hard to pin point exactly what it feels like & where it even begins. It can be slightly elusive & and at times difficult to understand. It can come & go without us fully understanding why. For some anxiety is worry based and may carry a feeling of heightened self consciousness. Over thinking & fear are common companions of anxiety. For some it expresses itself as a compulsive disorder. Others it may show it self as a twitch or body expression of some kind. It can be a very different experience from person to person. Anxiety can leave us feeling unsure of ourselves at times as we deal with a conflicting inner experience of emotions and thoughts. It can lead us to avoiding life, opportunities, people & experiences at times. Which a lot of the time can be the antidote to anxiety. But no matter how intense or unescapable you find your anxiety there is a way to resolve it and over time bring more stability, sureness and a sense of capability to your experience. Change and release from anxiety is always a possibility. If you find anxiety is a challenge for you give yourself the opportunity to find a therapist that suits you & can help you make that change. Wishing you well,

  • Does Holistic Bodywork Therapy help relieve physical pain ?

    Yes. The bodywork I do works very well on all manners of physical pain issues. The following are a few examples I have worked with : Back & neck pain Joint problems e.g. Knees & shoulders Recovery from injury Sciatica Mobility issues due to age general mobility issues eg. stiff neck, frozen shoulder a lot of the time the main area of pain is only the presenting problem and will be linked with another area or areas of the body. for example: Sciatica is generally due to lower back compression & sometimes hip tightness. Shoulder pain can the be result of misaligned hips caused by tight leg muscles. For that reason I work with your entire body. Also taking into account your life style and daily movements. This helps to bring about some real and lasting change. Take care,

  • What is Talk Therapy ?

    Talk therapy is just another term given to counselling. This part of the therapy is where I get to know you. And where you get to discover on a deeper level how you think, feel and respond to life. A lot of the time our difficulties in life will lie in deeper beliefs, ideas & past experiences that we may or may not be aware of in every day life. The Talk therapy I offer is a space where we can begin to understand and unravel this for you. Where you can openly talk about what ever is going on for you. Nothing is off limits as all feelings, thoughts and ideas are nothing but another key to your own freedom. I use both Talk Therapy & Body work in all sessions. Depending on your needs I may use one more than the other. If you'd like to know a bit more about this you can always get in touch here. Wishing you well,

  • What is Bodywork Therapy ?

    Bodywork Therapy is a general term used when someone works directly with your body with their hands in a therapeutic manner. The bodywork I offer is hands-on and involves a number of different modes of touch. Also at times rocking of the body and adjustments of alignment. It is based on the Polarity Therapy model which is a Holistic based therapy. It is done while the person is lying down but can be seated if required. The Bodywork is performed through clothing. I work with the structure, core elements and energetic properties within the body. Each session will vary depending on what is to be worked on but will also have components similar to other sessions. If you'd like to know some more you can get in touch with me here. Wishing you well,

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